Why Choose Technical College of the Rockies

Technical College of the RockiesI have never been more excited about Career and Technical Education in Western Colorado. students all over Colorado are taking a second look at Career Schools because the new economy will generate more skilled technical jobs than jobs for students with four-year degrees from a university. The US Department of Labor estimates that 60% of all jobs generated in the coming decade will require an occupational certificate, not a college degree.

The good news is that this type of job training is available to students right here on the Western Slope at Technical College of the Rockies (TCR). We offer quality programs at a reasonable price. Many of our certificate programs have 100% student-pass rates on state license exams. Our tuition is among the lowest in the state and certainly more affordable than a four-year university. Some of our programs take only a short time to complete and lead to employable skills. For example, students can enter the healthcare profession as a Certified Nursing Assistant with just three weeks of training and a cost of $1200.

Technical College of the Rockies is a unique school that specializes in short-term technical training. Our faculty is made up of industry professionals who are career experts in their field. They guide students using the same equipment that is used in each industry, and many programs include clinical experience so that students can practice skills in a real-world environment, working on real-life job projects.

Because TCR’s classes are common course numbered with the Colorado Community College System, credits earned at the college may be transferred to the Colorado community colleges. Many four-year colleges also accept TCR credits.

Since our inception in 1978, our school has produced thousands of alumni that work in industries all over the Mountain West Region. TCR is proud to be a part of the economic engine of Colorado’s Western Slope.

So please, take another look at Technical College of the Rockies. The training you receive at TCR will help you get a job, keep a job and build a foundation for a lifelong career.

—Michael Klouser, Director