Welding classes are held at Hartman Brothers in Montrose Class tuition and fees include use of personal protective gear, materials, supplies and welding equipment. We have an exceptional instructor, Stanley May, who has many years’ experience in welding and fabrication environments through the Certified Welding Inspector Level. His experience includes oil & gas applications, underwater/marine processes, high-end autobody restoration and modifications as well as aircraft and exotic materials. We are pleased to administer exams through Gary Wright, a skilled CWI.

Arc, MIG & TIG Welding classes start frequently during the semester, enabling students to join regardless of skill level! This is a long-term career field with exceptional earning possibilities. Class sizes are limited to 6 students. All classes include 36 hours of training with dedicated welding equipment with use of all supplies, materials and protective gear included in class costs.

  • Price for class is $850
  • Price for Certification Exam is $600

Welding Training is not eligible for financial aid.

Arc Welding

Arc welding uses a consumable rod clamped into an electrode holder. A ground is clamped to the metal being welded and an arc is made when the rod comes in contact with the metal. Generally used for ferrous materials, it is popular for repair work and construction.

MIG Welding (GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding)

MIG welding uses a continuous wire fed from a spool. the wire is held against the metal and heated using a gun that expels an inert gas such as helium or argon. This method offers high welding speeds and is often used for aluminum and in the automobile industry.

TIG Welding (GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)

TIG welding consists of a non-consumable electrode (Tungsten) which heats the metal. A foot pedal (remote control) is used to control the heat while feeding the filler rod with the other hand. It can be used on almost all metals, especially common on stainless steel and light metals or bicycle, aircraft, and naval applications.

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