Satisfactory Academic Progress – Per General Catalog

All students will be evaluated each term whether they receive financial aid or not. To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), a student must:

  • Achieve and maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or better at all times
  • Maintain adequate pace – Students will successfully complete 75% of scheduled and prescribed courses within a certificate. EXAMPLE: Pace is determined by dividing the overall credits earned by the overall credits attempted (including transfer credits). A student is enrolled in a 30 credit hour certificate and successfully completes 22 and ½ credits has successfully met this requirement. He/she has completed 75% of the credit hours attempted. Conversely, if a student who has attempted 30 credit hours only completes 15 credit hours due to withdrawing, failing or receiving an incomplete grade(s), he/she would not be meeting SAP due to a 50% pace towards graduation and is placed on Academic Alert.
  • Complete all course work for a certificate within 45 attempted credits (150 % of the minimum certificate required credits of 30 credit hours). All transfer credits counted towards the completion of the certificate requirements will also be counted towards the maximum of 45 attempted credits. (Transfer Students)
  • Maintain regular attendance, with absences being less than 10 % for the grading period for the student’s certificate. Some certificates require a 100 % attendance for clinical experience, skill classes (required by Peace Officer Standards and Training) and provide options to make up the time due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. (See specific guidelines in the Certificate Program’s Policy and Procedures manual).

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