Admissions Policy

Open Door Policy

Our open-door admission policy allows anyone 16 years of age or older, who has completed or left high school, and who has an occupational objective, to be considered for entrance into postsecondary career and technical programs.

First-come, First-served

We admit qualified students on a “first-come, first-served” basis according to date of application and space availability. When programs are filled, additional applicants are placed on an alternate list. Late enrollments are accepted through the first week of class in most programs.

High School Students

We accept high school students in our secondary career and technical programs and in some of our postsecondary career and technical programs. High school students may enroll as part of their high school schedule by contacting their counselor and completing an application. High school students will earn credits toward high school graduation. In some cases they may also earn college credits.

Residency Requirements

We do not have any residency requirements for admission to TCR; however, any student who does not qualify as a Colorado resident must pay higher, non-resident tuition fees (See Tuition and Fees).

Application for Admission

When you are ready to apply for school, complete and submit your official application for admission. (There is no fee)