Barbering Program

Barbering Program

Get the skills you need for success in the fast growing barbering field, from hands-on technical training, developing your creativity, to honing your business skills.

Barbering at TCR is much more than getting your license – it’s about starting a great career.

Class Details:

The Barbering program meets the state requirements for the Colorado State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists examinations leading to state licensing.

The Barbering program is a 50 credit, three-semester program. Students learn the basic knowledge needed to provide barbering services such as hair care, shaving, and skin care.

A successful career in barber and cosmetology occupations requires a neat personal appearance, strong interpersonal skills, and a good image, and attitude. Since many businesses also sell product, effective salesmanship and business skills are also important. An understanding of fashion, art, and technical design are also useful skills.

Career Beginnings : Meet Greg Nehmer

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*Estimated costs include tuition, registration, and other fees. Most programs require the purchase of books and supplies which are not included in the costs. All prices are subject to change without notice.